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Love the design. Really represent Black Panther. I look awesome while a I exercise. Praying for a Namor band 🤣🤣🤣

I am Grooooot!

LOVE this band. It’s super cute and goes with everything. I’ve had lots of compliments. The watch faces are amazing too. Definitely recommend if you are a Marvel fan!

Looks great!

The band looks amazing and feels really comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.

Love these watch bands

I love these watch bands. I have 5. I always have to cut the ends off because I use the last hole.

I want my MTV and now I have it!

It’s added new life to wearing an apple watch. Now I switch out several bands depending on my mood or the day’s activities. Thanks, MobyFox

Love it!

I’m so glad that there’s finally a line of Star Trek bands! But now I want more! Maybe some that are themed after the various ships across the different series. I also would love a Picard themed band.

Favorite Watch Band

I have always loved Star Wars and when I saw the Boba Fett band I just know I had to get it! Its super smooth and has a relaxing fit on my wrist!

Top 5

Beautiful band

Never disappoints

I have several MobyFox bands and they never disappoint. They are very comfortable on the wrist. My new addiction.

Ted Lasso!!!!

I LOVE my watchband and think that the free watch faces with the QR code make these bands even better. These are very comfortable bands. Love, love, love them


Love the colors and graphics! So worth the money.

Love it!

I freaking love my new watch band. It’s so comfortable, at times I forget that I’m wearing a watch. I no longer struggle with my watch band being too loose or too tight.

Best Apple Watch Band!!

I have been wearing this band for about two weeks now and I have to say it’s the best Apple Watch band I have ever used. Every silicone watch band that I have used (including the ones that come with the watch) have given me such a bad irritation on my wrist. The old bands would rub my wrist raw, it was so bad. But I haven’t had a single issue with my new band and I can’t wait to order more!

Simply amazing

I have small wrists and the size of this band is perfect!! It’s soft, the colors are bright, and the small details are impressive. I have ordered quite a few bands and love them!! MobyFox also has great customer service so don’t hesitate to contact them if needed. ! If I could give more stars I would!! Thanks MobyFox! May the force be with you…

Better than I expected!

I have been eyeballing the mobyfox hello kitty apple watch bands for a long time. But I found it hard to justify spending that much on a watch band. Black Friday rolled around and mobyfox offered a generous BOGO deal. So I got two for the price of one! I must say I now understand the price tag. These bands are super high quality. It's fantastic that some bands comes with multiple sizes of attachments so I can use on a different watch if I decide to upgrade. The attention to detail in the design (both artistically and functionally!) is excellent. I especially love that they're safe to take in the pool! I'm going to have to order more of these, they're just too cute!

Great Band!

Got these for my wife and she loves them! Great quality and design...will definitely buy more!

Awesome watch band

I love this watch band

Très beau

Bracelet superbe excellente qualite

Fantastic watch

I def like the watch but to be honest its actually for my girlfriend for Christmas so its a waiting game lol but I def like it

How do I pick one

I ordered a few just before Black Friday and from the Black Friday weekend sale. I wear the one while anxiously awaiting an opportunity/event to switch it out and enjoy another. I love my watch even more now! Love MobyFox! Their customer service is solid gold!

Super Stitch!

Love all things 626! This band lets me show my affection publicly. The watch faces are so fun too!

MARVEL - Black Panther Vibranium 3D Smartwatch Band (Samsung)

What I have been waiting for

I have been waiting for Moby Fox to make bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch and now that they are here they do not disappoint. I had taken to just replacing the 22mm pins on the iWatch bands with 20mm pins. This works, but the bands made for Samsung by Moby Fox are better because they have NO GAP.

Wish the band was in a Different color with this design. But the band is comfortable to wear.

MARVEL - Insignia Collection Spider-Man (Samsung)